Hi Arno Garrels,

>>What does this mean? Server?, client?, Port?,
>>or DataPortRange? Are you using Pasv mode?

I use two ports for Ftp communication
One set of TFTPClientP1 and TFTPServerP1 using port
5011 is used to communicate between MyNode.exe's.
The other set  TFTPClientP2 and TFTPServerP2 using
port 5014 is used to communicate beteween MyNode.exe's
and MyServer.exe.   I do not use Pasv mode.

>>An error 'not fFTPClient.User' is unknown to me,
what is the error code of request ftpOpenAsync? 
>>Are you using asynchronous methods?

I use asynchronous method.

The error code is 

FErrorMessage=500 Connection refused (Winsock error

Thanks for your patience.

Note: In case the component details will help, I have
pasted them here from the DFM.
MyNode.exe has
  object FtpClientP1: TFtpClient
    Timeout = 15
    MultiThreaded = False
    Port = '5011'
    DataPortRangeStart = 0
    DataPortRangeEnd = 0
    LocalAddr = ''
    DisplayFileFlag = False
    Binary = True
    ShareMode = ftpShareExclusive
    Options = [ftpAcceptLF]
    ConnectionType = ftpDirect
    OnProgress = FtpClientP1Progress
    OnRequestDone = FtpClientP1RequestDone
  object FtpClientP2: TFtpClient
    Port = '5014'
    OnRequestDone = FtpClientP2RequestDone
    (everything else same as FtpClientP1)
  object FtpServerP1: TFtpServer
    Addr = ''
    Port = '5011'
    Banner = '220 ICS FTP Server ready.'
    UserData = 0
    MaxClients = 0
    PasvPortRangeStart = 0
    PasvPortRangeSize = 0
    Options = [ftpsCwdCheck]
    OnAuthenticate = FtpServerP1Authenticate
    OnAnswerToClient = FtpServerP1AnswerToClient

MyServer.exe has
  object FtpServerP2: TFtpServer
    Port = '5014'
    Options = []
    OnAuthenticate = FtpServerP2Authenticate
    OnAnswerToClient = FtpServerP2AnswerToClient
    (everything else same as FtpServerP1)

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