> There is no notion of real "module" in C++. Namespaces are invented to
> prevent name clashes for this purpose. You can have HWND and
> Overbyteics:HWND at the same scope UNLESS you define,
> using namespace Overbyteics;
> which makes the "::" = "Overbyteics" and which is the case with 
> Overbyteics.
> It is like adding a path to Delphi/BCB. There cannot be same named
> components in the same project! What Francois should agree to do is to
> rename all of the HWND's in the ICS code with Overbyteics::HWND (or 
> perhaps
> rename the namespace name to ObICS for the sake of compacting), IMO.

He think this is C++ code. It isn't. It is Delphi code.
Instead, try conditionally compile the offending types redefinition in 
OverbyteIcsTypes.pas so that BCB doesn't see them.


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