Hello All!

We have an application which exposes its internal data on the Internet
through a web-server. Currently the MS IIS is used, but we need
the application to be scalable, and the standard replication feature
incorporated into IIS can't do the trick with the internal data.
The data is continuously updated by an application server (COM-objects)
in accordance with some business logic and user requests.
The application supports sessions, and within a single session
a user must be serviced at the same web-server, because the data
is partially stored on the web-server during the session.

So the question arises: is it possible to utilize ICS for building
custom web-server with a scaling feature and how? Has anyone already
made such a thing with ICS? Actually, I think of something like
round robin architecture of web-servers around our main "data base",
so to speak because this is not actually a relational data base.
But I'm not familiar with this field of "distributed sockets",
so any directions on how to distrubute incoming user connections
between clustered ICS web-servers will be appreciated. Am I right
that this can be implemented as a http-proxy (reverse proxy?)?
Any other ideas?

Best wishes,
Stanislav Korotky,
Russia, Moscow, GMT +3.00

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