> Have you ever had a look at the d7indy.hlp? This automatically
> created documentation looks great but is virtually useless.

But it was sufficient for Borland to build Indy into Delphi, and it thus 
has far more users than ICS. It is very easy to add extra comments into 
the interface section, which are then automatically added to the help 
file by decent help generators, like F1 Help which I uses for my RAS 

> In order to get just a function and property table it's much easier
> to have a look at the source. 

Since all the VCL source is supplied, I guess Borland could skip help 

> Yes, because it is a huge effort to write and maintain a good
> documentation, probably a lifetime job for a single person. 

A lot of the documentation already exists, the trouble is it's split 
between an old help file, web pages and some wiki thing. It's probably 
three months work for someone to build decent help from that, in the ICS 
source, developers can then easily keep it up to date as new features 
are added.  

I've said this several times before over the years, but other people 
have 'better' ideas, none of which seem to actually seem to produce 
anything.  So the result is people ignoring ICS because of the 
difficulty of learning to use it. 


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