Arno Garrels wrote:
> Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> Since all the VCL source is supplied, I guess Borland could skip help
>> completely.
> Borlands online help is far more than a nicely designed, colored table
> of function and property names.
>>> Yes, because it is a huge effort to write and maintain a good
>>> documentation, probably a lifetime job for a single person.
>> I've said this several times before over the years, but other people
>> have 'better' ideas, none of which seem to actually seem to produce
>> anything.  
> Correct, it's not moving forward. 
>> It's probably 
>> three months work for someone to build decent help from that
> Not anybody likes plenty of comments in the source units,
> and even 3 months is a long time, however we should think
> about that again since the Wiki seems to be dead.
> Also note that it is extremly difficult to write documentations
> in a non native language. 

As regards this point, I will be happy to help out with fixing the 
English in any ICS documentation that is done.  I have previously worked 
with people who have written documentation in their language, then used 
a web translator to convert that into English.  This English is funny at 
best and wrong at worst.  But, since I have no problems with English and 
a computer engineer, I am often able to 'fix' this to what a native 
speaker would write.

So, if someone does start to write in not-so-good English or in a 
foreign language (that is supported by a web translator), we can work it 


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