Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Arno,
> You have the option to enter the NTLM domain name in msg1 of NTLM
> (base64 encoded). That's what I mean.

Again: NTLM message 1 is sent by the the client/browser!!

> Second, I still cannot get the FF to work. I believe this is an issue
> at least some customers would complain if I deploy now, wrong?
> Regards,
> SZ
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> Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 7:38 PM
> Subject: Re: [twsocket] Fw: Urgent (Another simple NTLM question)
>> Normally you won't have a reason to use another domain, the server
>> appplication uses the domain of the user account it is running with.
>> Make sure your application is running with the domain account you
>> want to use AND sufficent privileges (needed to query the user
>> database). 
>> You have to give a domain user using domain\user - if, an only if,
>> the server
>> you're sending this information to is in *another* domain (with
>> domain trustship) than the server application is working with.
>> So that's necessary when domains are set up to trust each other. The
>> Outlook web access I'm writing this email from prompts only for user
>> name and password. I use this webmailer for years and it has always
>> be the same, it looks the same with every browser that supports NTLM
>> auth (IE, Firefox, konqueror, countless others on Unix and Solaris).
>> I give you an example:
>> My user account is in the default domain "g" where the server is in,
>> but other users from a domain (ie "d") that is trusted by domain "g"
>> have to write d\myusername. The difference is that Windows will
>> query the trusted domain instead to look in it's own user database.
>> Only in this special case you need to specify another domain.
>> - You will need hm... I don't remember ...years ago.. (not admin
>> rights but at least "helper" privileges) to be able to query for
>> other domain users than yourself. It's the credentials from the
>> logged in (server) application user, if you are running with a local
>> account you won't be able to query the domain controller.
>> - You can *not* just give specify another domain in the user field
>> if the serevrs are not set up to trust each other
>> - You can also *not* authenticate users of another trusted domain,
>> if you use trusted domains, without your application user having
>> privileges in every of the trusted domains
>> Benjamin Stadin
>> Fastream Technologies schrieb:
>>> Ok, thank you for tolerating my insistence. I am trying to
>>> understand. 
>>> There is just one issue left: under IE6XP, when I log in, I am not
>>> asked of any NTLM-domain name! And assuming that it is like IE-FTP
>>> client, I cannot find the log in change option in any menu! Does
>>> anybody know the logic behind this? I have seen the words of
>>> Francois but I am opting for just the opposite--instead of auto
>>> logging in, I want the _option_ to be able to select the NTLM-
>>> domain. 
>>> Best Regards,
>>> SZ
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