I said that several times. You must at least have "admin helper" (I don't
remember what specific privileges are needed) rights to query the user db,
also if you want to auth in a domain your app must run as domain user with
sufficent rights. This is also the case with MS user management utility for
NT domain users (at least NT4 I worked with years ago). 

I think that empty passwords are not allowed, so your user a would never be
allowed to log in. At least at home I can't use empty pw's with my xp
machines in the net. Test with network SMB login.

You can change the auto-login and trusted URIs in FF at about:config. I
asked you to do so, because I think it's possible that IE sends it's domain
name in the NTLM challenge for auto-login reasons. NTLM single sign on is
used by IE by default, in FF you must enable it. So maybe the server uses a
wrong domain with FF and it just works with IE because it sends the domain. 
The domain isn't actually needed, because the server has to decide which
domain to use, but there may be something fishy at this point at the server
side right now (ie when FF sends an empty domain when not doing auto-login
the server may try to auth this domain, instead it should overwrite it with
it's own default domain - maybe). 

SZ wrote: 

Latest report: when I used the Administrator account of Windows, it worked!
:) So I am beginning to think this is a problem with security policies of
some Windows.


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