As requested I've done some more testing with this, however I'm not getting 
any closer.

Just to reiterate, I'm trying to do a recursive download from an FTP Server 
to basically do a full backup.  It works fine most of the time, but 
occasionally the Cwd command fails to change directory causing files to be 
downloaded in the wrong place.

I was asked to check what error is bought up but unfortunately the FTPClient 
component doesn't generate an error via the OnError event (though it does 
for other things so I know I'm checking it right).

There is no permissions problem - using the same username/password I can 
download everything via other FTP programs.  The only error I get is that 
Cwd = false.

I managed to trace the problem down to a simple test which fails every time 
- there seems to be a bug when changing between directories that are 3 or 4 
layers deep i.e.

Changing from '1/2/3/' to 'a/b/c/d' causes Cwd to fail.  This happens 
regardless of which server I try it on and in which order I try to download 
the directories.

Like I said in a previous email, with the following alteration the program 
works much better, but still fails on some directories:

if not(Cwd) then
    HostDirName := SubDir;

Could anyone suggest a resolution or a better way to debug what's going on?



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