>> Use event OnDataSent to control the flow, and to avoid grow of
>> TWSocket's send buffer.

> That is impossible for random data, unless an extra FIFO buffer is used
> externally to TWSocket.

I don't understand what you mean. You can use OnDataSent to fetch more data 
to send.

> Trying to understand how TIcsBufferHandler works, it appears to be
> multiple 1,460 byte blocks (TIcsBuffer), with new blocks being added if
> data can not be sent sufficiently fast.

1460 is just the default. You have a property to change it. It has been 
selected because it correspond to the data size available in the largest 
Ethernet packet, thus optimizing packet fragmentation when using Ethernet.

> So I guess the answer to my question is there is no flow control and the
> buffers will just keep growing if data can not be sent fast enough,
> until the application runs out of memory.

I still don't understand your problem. Are you willing to have a blocking 
Send method ?
Could you re-explain your problem as seen from the highest level ?

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