Hello Francois,

> IMO, you have all the required tools !

Agree for 100% !
Definitively no need to put wishels and bells into TWSocket !
All the tools are there, this is up to derrived components and or

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Sunday, November 19, 2006, 21:06, Francois PIETTE wrote:

>>> I have also implemented a property called MaxSendBuffer
>> I think this needs to go into TWSocket.

> The component doesn't know what to do if too much data is sent. It is the
> application responsability to take any appropriate action: throw data away,
> pause the data source, overflow the buffer to disk, ...

> The component offer anything needed to implement the required processing by
> the application. Have you notice BufferedByteCount property ? Just examine
> his value after Send() or PutDataInSendBuffer(). You'll know if you reached
> your limit.

> You may also use OnDataSent event which is triggered when BufferedByteCount
> becomes 0.

> Use OnSendData (do not confuse it with OnDataSent) which is triggered each
> time the component write something into winsock own buffer.

> IMO, you have all the required tools !

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