> I'm using THttpServer to send a document myself (using hgWillSendMySelf)
> so I can keep sending new data without requiring a new connection. It
> works just fine. Now I want to do the same the other way around: I want
> to use THttpCli to continually "post" data, without closing the

You can have a HTTP post which never ends. But probably it is not what you
really want. Since you control the client part, why not send as many HTTP
requests as you need ?

> without closing the connection.

You have not full control of connection close with HTTP protocol. If the
server decide to close it, it will be closed. You can request a persistant
connection using the property Connection and setting 'keep-alive' string as
value. See also ProxyConnection property used when traversing a proxy.

> Is it possible?
> Will it work through an HTTP proxy?

A post which never ends may have problem with filtering proxies because they
will not see the end of document and maybe they are buffering the document
until the end before processing it. So it would not works. If you use many
post one after the other, there will be no special problem.

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