> Using hgWillSendMySelf I noticed the proxy server immediately connects
> the client to the server and the connection is kept open as long as I'm
> sending data. If the proxy server does the same for the "long HTTP post"
> it would provide a very valuable tool for what I need.

I wouldn't base my software on this behaviour which is defenitely not 
guaranteed. HTTP protocol is a stateless protocol and you have poor 
connection control. Just ask for the connection to be kept alive and hope it 
is. If it isn't, then it will be reopened anyway by the component.

> If it doesn't work I'll simply use as many HTTP posts as necessary.

That is much safer. If you are sure you have ONLY ICS component at both 
side, you can be sure of the behaviour. But anything between has just to be 
compliant with HTTP protocol and what you ask is more.

> On a different note, how do programs like "zebedee" provide a TCP/IP
> tunnel through a HTTP proxy? I understand how the "downstream" part
> works, but how about the "upstream" part?

This is quite easy. You can send the command "CONNECT" to a HTTP proxy and 
then the proxy will work transparently as a simple relay, without ever 
trying to understand what you send in the stream. This is how HTTPS works 
thru the proxy. Since HTTPS encrypt everything, the proxy is unable to do 
anything. It can just relay the data. That's the purpose of the "CONNECT" 

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