Hello everyone,

There is this weird AE happening when I free my TWSocket... I managed to debug 
it up to the point below:

Line 3516
        if WSocketGCount <= 0 then begin
            WSocketUnloadWinsock;                            // <---- AE 
happens here
{           WSocketGCount := 0;  // it is set to 0 in WSocketUnloadWinsock }

Line 1798
function WSocket_Synchronized_WSACleanup : Integer;
    if @FWSACleanup = nil then
        @FWSACleanup := WSocketGetProc('WSACleanup');
    Result := FWSACleanup; // <--- AE happens right after this ....

I don't know what I did wrong for this AE to be thrown. I can't even catch the 
exception. This happens all the time on my machine but on most machines using 
my app this problem never occurs...
I cannot give you more details on the architecture of my app right, but any 
help on this matter will be greatly apreciated.


Marcelo Grossi
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