>  >For your next message, be sure to use a proper subject. Using a proper
>  >subject enhance your chances to get an answer.
> Is it OK now ?

Not, it isn't.
If you reply to a digest mode, change the subject line from "TWSocket 
Digest..." to the original subject of the message you reply to (A digest 
message is a collection of messages and you really reply to only one at a 
time). Maybe you should turn digect mode off. This way it is much easier to 
reply to messages. And you receive the messages much more quickly along the 

>  >Have a look at FtpAsy sample program (In ICS-V5 but also good for V6
>  >provided you change the uses clause).
> Sorry, but i couldn't find any such sample as in ICS archive, same not at
> your website (User made section). Can you please give me exact way where 
> to
> get this sample ?
>  >You may also have a look at the MailSndAsync demo of V5, it's SMTP but
> Same problem as with FtpAsy, i can't find that anywhere.

It is simply located in ICS.ZIP ! You probably already have it on your 
system if you are using ICS-V5. If not, download ICS-V5.

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