Hello !

   > just download the ics v5 and then have a look in de ics/internet 

OK, I did. But i'm still can't understand main point of it. How to handle 
concurrent connections ??? As I understood, main feature of it is event 
"OnRequestDone" and there I can make a switch:
"       case RqType of
        ftpOpenAsync:   //..
        ftpUserAsync:    //..
        ftpPassAsync:   //..
        ftpCwdAsync:     //..
        ftpTypeSetAsync: //..
        ftpGetAsync:     //..
        ftpQuitAsync:    //..
Something like that. But anyways, it's only about 1 connection at the same 
time. For example i have on my form "TFTPCli" component named "FTP". So how 
I can open 2 connections at the same time ??? It will be the same as with 
synchronous sockets. First i need to work out 1st connection and only then 
work with other one.
  For example:
  FTP->HostName = "myhost1.com";
  FTP->User = "user1";
  FTP->Pass = "pass1";


  // now OnRequestDone event:
    case ftpOpenAsync: FTP->UserAsync;
    case ftpUserAync: FTP->PassAsync;
    case ftpPassAsync: // ...
  So only after this connection with worked out i can take another one, 
right ? Because if i type:
  FTP->HostName = "myhost1.com";
  FTP->User = "user1";
  FTP->Pass = "pass1";


  FTP->HostName = "myhost2.com";
  FTP->User = "user2";
  FTP->Pass = "pass2";

  User & pass are changed now (if first one isn't done still), so that will 
be all wrong. That means I can't work with 2 connections at once. That's why 
i used threads. So what you can advice me to do with all that ? Or maybe I'm 
not understanding something ?


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