On Dec 22, 2006, at 05:28, Henrik wrote:

> Ok, so if I want to be sure that Swedish e-mails looks the same when 
> they
> arrive to the recipient regardless of what language is used on the
> recipients computer I should encode the text message with 
> QuotedPrintable?
> And this is done by setting the following properties?
>   SmtpCli1.Allow8bitChars  := false; (if I want the _subject_ encoded)
>   SmtpCli1.DefaultEncoding := smtpEncQuotedPrintable; (to get the body
> encoded)

This will encode the body.  The headers (Subject and From/To lines) 
need to be encoded separately, as this is a fairly new mechanism used 
by many current mail clients, but not originally planed for in RFC-822 
messages.  This mechanism is a bit complex because it needs to include 
boundaries and meta-data within each encoded header.  I suggest you 
search in Google for "smtp message header encoding" or something like 


        DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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