Hello Dod,

> Are you using ICS in sync or async mode ?

I'm using ICS in async (event driven) mode in my application. The file
is sent in fragments of 256KB in the OnDataSent event handler.

> Do yo use same buffer and write-to-disk as Indy ?

When comparing ICS and Indy I did not use my application but the
standard FTP server examples that came with both component packages and
thus I'm not sure what buffering technique is used inside the Indy FTP
server component (it seems to be quite complex when looking at it's

The FTP client used for comparing both applications was the standard MS
commandline FTP client on Windows2003 (BTW: the serving application was
also run on Windows2003 in all cases).

> Do you use multi-threading or not ?

I use multi-threading (each client has a separate thread) in my
application but I know that the ICS FTP server does not use multi-threading.

> Is  it  binary or text file (I guess it is text file as you said "long
> line" in the subject ?

It is a binary file of 128MB random data that I used for delivery. The
"long line" in the subject is bad translation and should be corrected to
"long cable", I think.


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