Hi Michael,

Sorry, I sent my previous reply directly to you instead of to the list.

> thanks for the hint, I already looked into the code and - by the way - I
> find it very well structured. However, one question is left. There´s
> always spoken about using async components, but in my special case
> isn´t it easier to use the respective sync component?

In this case I think you're right, and I've been known to do that in the past 
as well - saves having to worry about implementing timeouts because I believe 
there's a timeout parameter for the Sync versions of the functions.

> It is quite simple: I´m opening a query on a database, iterating through
> the result set and have to send one mail for each record (= customer). I
> can´t advance to the next record until the mail has been delivered, so a
> sync component would be (possibly?) preferrable. And as far as I´m
> understanding it, I can concatenate the sync commands rather than
> advancing to the next command in OnRequestDone - am I right here?

Yes, that's right, you can just run one command after the other, possibly with 
appropriate error checking as well.


Bevan Edwards

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