Francois Piette wrote:
>> I'm now testing TnCnx for my purposes. It works fairly well so far.
>> The only issue I have so far is that I#m receiving NUL characters at the
>> end of line. For example:
>> '   Simplified orbitography parameters :'#$D#0#$D#$A' ND 021:23'...
>> Is this an server issue or could it be related to ICS?
> This is a server issue. Historically NUL characters are used for dumb rs232
> terminals to avoid overflowing them (They where really slow for scrolling,
> erasing, and so on).

Thats the kind of answer I was hoping for!
Thank you very much!

>> If I use the Demo for TnCnx it stops receiving at the end of this line
>> while the EmulVT Demo works properly. The problem in the TnCnx (like
>> it was in my software) is that Len is is longer than this line and
>> output ends at the NUL. Hyperterm works well here, but I can't see if
>> it receives the NUL character.
> You problem here is a Delphi problem. If you handle received data as a nul
> terminated string (PChar), then you don't see anything after the NUL
> character. If you handle the string as a pure Delphi string, the NUL byte is
> like any other characters. To be clear, when you have a PChar, nothing
> prevent you from accessing data after the NUL character, but most functions
> won't do that.
> You may consider writing a routine which remove the NUL characters before
> processing.

I already did so before, but I wanted to be sure to do the right thing here.

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