Arno Garrels wrote:
> Jonathan Dumaresq wrote:
>>> I would say before sending anything.
>> good
>> this is working now. thanx for your help everybody.
>> I have another question. When I receive the data from the udp port, i
>> have an event that is raised "OnDataAvailable". than i read the data
>> of the udp_datagram. This is all done in a thread. I use the sample
>> threat example
>>> from Francois. but for udp. Now when i have receive this datagram, i
>>> would
>> like to know what is the best way to tell the main app that i have
>> received this datagram ? The main problem is that the function that
>> treat this datagram is blocking and is a little long to execute it's
>> my video decoder. For now what i do is i post a message to my
>> application everytime i receive a udp datagram. I don't know if i
>> could do this in a better way ?
> I think it is OK, but propably you need to pause receiving when
> receiving is much faster than decoding to prevent infinite grow of
> your buffers. Also the message queue queues only a limited number of
> messages, if it is full SendMessage()/PostMessage() will fail.

Correction: PostMessage() will fail, SendMessage() probably not since
it calls the window procedure directly.

> ---
> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>> regards
>> Jonathan
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