Thanx for the postmessage thing. I will try to use sendmessage instead.

>>> propably you need to pause receiving when receiving
>>> is much faster than decoding to prevent infinite grow of your
>>> buffers.

the decoding pas is very close on my athlon xp to the time a receive udp 
packet. I don't know right now how many packet / second i receive. I will 
try to evaluate this better.

>> The problem is UDP. When winsock buffer is full UDP packets are trown
>> away. Maybe no problem ?

the probleme is if a datagram is 20K and i receive only 19K this can be a 
problem (i'm not very sure of how the decoding process work) but if i loose 
the complete datagram is not a problem.

As for the rtp, is near impossible since i need 0 ms of delay or buffer.

As another question, is it possible to use twsocket in blocked mode with 
receivefrom() ? if yes, can this be faster that trigging the onavalaibledata 



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