Hello all!

I´m having a strange problem on my app using ICS 6, I have noticed that my 
server service raises an exception "Access violation at address 7C8224B2 in 
module 'ntdll.dll'" but I didn´t got where the problem is happening, analysing 
the error logs I realised that this error is being raised when a client tries 
to connect to the server, but this error is just happening on Windows 2003, on 
XP is OK and the strange is that has no time to occur, it works fine for the 
most of the time, but sometimes it starts raising those exceptions and my 
server sofware crashes.

I have searched on google for this error and I saw a message that was sent to 
this list that another user had the same problem as me and it was said that the 
user has changed some lines of code on ICS and solved it

This problem is happening on a lot of mine customers using Windows 2003, on 
WIndows XP it doesn´t happens

Any Ideas????

Following is the message that Fraçois wrote about the problem:


> A user reported to me that winsock.accept generate an access violation at
> address 7C8224B2 in ntdll.dll when is program runs on a w2K3 SP1 computer,
> and only one such computer. He found that changing the lines:
>   FSelectEvent := FD_READ   or FD_WRITE or
>                   FD_ACCEPT or FD_CLOSE;
>   iStatus      := WSocket_WSAASyncSelect(FHSocket, Handle,
>                                          WM_ASYNCSELECT, FSelectEvent);
> into:
>   FSelectEvent := FD_ACCEPT;   // Not all events,  other wise Access
> violation 7C8224B2 in NtDll in Window 2003 sp1.
>   iStatus      := WSocket_WSAASyncSelect(FHSocket, Handle,
>                                          WM_ASYNCSELECT, FSelectEvent);
> solved the problem.
> Any one else noticed similar problem ?
> Removing FD_READ and FD_WRITE has probably no impact on a listening
> socket.
> But removing FD_CLOSE probably has (I have yet to do some testing).
> Any tought ?
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