Arno Garrels wrote:
> Do you find this text in OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas?
> { FP:26/09/06 Are FD_READ and FD_WRITE really necessary ? Probably
> not ! } 
> { Lodewijk Ellen reported a problem with W2K3SP1 triggering an AV in 
> } 
> { accept. Keeping only FD_ACCEPT and FD_CLOSE solved the problem.    
> } 
> { Anyway, a listening socket doesn't send nor receive any data so
> those  } 
> { notification are useless.                                          
> } 
> Sounds like the same problem.


Possibly there's still a similar problem at another place in
(Overbyte)IcsWSocket.pas. Can you please change your code like below
and report back whether that helps or not? 

procedure TCustomWSocket.Dup(NewHSocket : TSocket);
// FSelectEvent := FD_READ or FD_WRITE or FD_CLOSE or FD_CONNECT; ==> Comment
==> FSelectEvent := FD_READ or FD_WRITE or FD_CLOSE; <== Add

It's just a trial.. A client socket must not connect so
SessionConnected-notifications from winsock are not necessary.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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