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> Subject: [twsocket] Problem upgrading to ICS V5 for Delphi/C++ Builder
> Beta(Nov 11, 2006)
>> I'm trying to upgrade to the beta and I'm getting some error
>> messages.  At the beginning of the complie I get...
>> The smtpClientGetData method referenced by smtpClient->OnGetData has
>> an incompatible parameter list.  Remove the reference?
> I found that there was a file C:\Program
> Files\Borland\CBuilder5\Lib\IcsBcb50.lib, renaming this file to
> _IcsBcb50.lib caused the linker errors to go away, why would be nice
> to know.  I'm still getting the above "Remove the reference" question
> but I'm tempted to tell it to remove the reference, should I?

Yes, remove the reference as well as outcomment the old event handler.
Then a double-click on OnGetData in object inspector will create a
new handler with a correct parameter list, paste old handler code and
adjust it, if necessary.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> The project now compiles and runs Ok.
> Db
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