David Bridges wrote:
> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]:
>> At least IcsUrl.pas (dated 01/01/2006) is included in current
>> release, ics.zip.
>>> When I try to single
>>> step into ParseUrl I'm prompted to browse to the location of the
>>> file, not sure if that is expected or is in anyway a clue about the
>>> problem.
>> Possibly the old ICS folder is still in the search path somewhere?
> Something like that has to be causing this but...

I'm a Delphi guy and not very familiar with BCB. Have you carefully
compared the project options of both applications, especially all
paths in section Directories/Conditionals?
Sorry if that won't help, someone more familiar with BCB should jump
in here.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

>> IMHO the easiest way to install a new version is to rename the old
>> ICS root folder, then extract the zip to a newly created directory
>> with the old folder name. For single stepping into ParseUrl it may
>> help to add IcsUrl.pas to the ICS package.
> That is exactly what I do (rename old, extract to new).  I have two
> instances of CBuilder 5 open, one running the demo the other running
> my app, the demo works my app does the behavior described above.  The
> two instances have to be using the same component I would think. 
> However, if I break on the HttpCli->Get() in both apps and compare
> the object inspectors side by side lots of the Data in the demo is
> NULL that is some address in my app and FProxyPort is "80" in the
> demo but is :00E9C784 in my app, FURL is the valid url in the demo
> but is :00EA07D4 in my app.  This is no doubt the problem but I can't
> determine why this is happening. 
> Db
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