my communication layer uses a TWSocket as TCP server socket and one for 
the actual communication as there will only be one connection at any 
give time. When the client requests a close of the connection I close 
the socket and in the OnSessionClosed I free it, because the server 
socket decides on it being nil or not wether to accept a new incomming 
session request or not. A invalid request will be temporarily accepted 
but closed at once.

My problem now is that FastMM reports a memory leak when the application 
is terminated. The rest of the app. works well enough, I can connect, 
send the data etc. disconnect, connect again etc. but every time I 
disconnect memory gets lost (some strings and something unknown, but 
only a few bytes (always the same amount as it seems)). My TCP-server 
class (TWSocket descendant) holds a reference to the TWSocket as well 
which is explicitely set to nil when this socket's OnSessionClosed is 
called but directly after it a FreeAndNil(self) is called.

If I use the full fastMM to trace the memory loss I get something 
slightly different or all the same that makes me wonder if my socket is 
freed correctly or who tries to call something from it. Using netstat I 
can see that the connection properly terminates after some seconds as 
expected (I only think it takes a little long to update the status 
display but that's a different matter I think and not avoidable).

Here is the fastMM trace (I've cut it after the first few bytes of 
memory dump as the rest is all 80hex):

FastMM has detected an attempt to call a virtual method on a freed 
object. An access violation will now be raised in order to abort the 
current operation.

Freed object class: TServerAnswerSocket

Virtual method: Offset +180

Virtual method address: 480CC4

The allocation number was: 5218

Stack trace of when the object was allocated (return addresses):
403FB3 [System][TObject.NewInstance]
481161 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.TriggerSessionAvailable][5652]
47E087 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.Do_FD_ACCEPT][4165]
47E17D [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.WMASyncSelect][4254]
47CB8B [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.WndProc][3174]
483E06 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomLineWSocket.WndProc][6533]

Stack trace of when the object was subsequently freed (return addresses):
403FD1 [System][TObject.FreeInstance]
483D92 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomLineWSocket.Destroy][6516]
404017 [System][TObject.Free]
4149BD [SysUtils][FreeAndNil]
4811F1 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.TriggerSessionClosed][5675]
484AF1 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomLineWSocket.TriggerSessionClosed][6898]

The current stack trace leading to this error (return addresses):
47E063 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.Do_FD_CLOSE][4157]
47E1AD [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.WMASyncSelect][4261]
47CB8B [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomWSocket.WndProc][3174]
483E06 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][TCustomLineWSocket.WndProc][6533]
47CD07 [WSocket.pas][WSocket][XSocketWindowProc][3225]
77E3158F [GetTopWindow]
77E31DC9 [GetWindowLongW]
77E297D8 [GetParent]
77E193FB [GetPropA]
4732CD [Forms][TApplication.ProcessMessage]

Current memory dump of 256 bytes starting at pointer address 2449D50:
0C 1E 50 00 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 
80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80


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