Markus Humm wrote:

> My problem now is that FastMM reports a memory leak when the
> application is terminated. 

The report attached says that an attempt has been detected to call
a virtual method on a freed object. That isn't a memory leak.

> The rest of the app. works well enough, I
> can connect, send the data etc. disconnect, connect again etc. but
> every time I disconnect memory gets lost (some strings and something
> unknown, but only a few bytes (always the same amount as it seems)).

No idea, however most likely something in your code.

> My TCP-server class (TWSocket descendant) holds a reference to the
> TWSocket as well which is explicitely set to nil when this socket's
> OnSessionClosed is called but directly after it a FreeAndNil(self) is
> called.

What is "Self"? Why don't you call FreeAndNil(Server.ClientWSocket)?
Do you create the client-WSocket with a non-nil owner?
How do you free the client-WSocket when the application terminates? 
May be the next connection is accepted too early? You could post
a custom message from OnSessionClosed and free and nil the ClientWSocket
from the message handler in order to be sure.
> If I use the full fastMM to trace the memory loss I get something
> slightly different or all the same that makes me wonder if my socket
> is freed correctly or who tries to call something from it. Using
> netstat I can see that the connection properly terminates after some
> seconds as expected (I only think it takes a little long to update
> the status display but that's a different matter I think and not
> avoidable).

Even after a socket handle is closed the socket may exist for a while,
handled by the OS, nothing one must care about. 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS] 

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