Thanks a lot for the rapid response...

> Of course it is possible but you will reinvent the wheel. ICS has a
> component THttpCli just for that purpose. It implement the HTTP protocol,
> client side.

> But reading your question, I'm not sure you want to issue a request to a
> webserver or just traverse a HTTP proxy ?
> If it is the former, then THttpCli component is OK.
> If the later, then you can use TWSocket directly, sending the HTTP 
> command to the HTTP proxy.

In fact, i was thinking more to the 2nd one : i want to establish a 
connexion between a client and a server socket
and then i will have to exchange data/stream/packed records between them 
(client to server and server to client)
but not via HTTP... I just need to passing threw my company (where i work) 
that has been set to accept "only" http request over the port 80.
i thought naively that i would just need to write the byte "HTTP1/1" in 
front of stream... maybe...

> This mailing list is defenitely not the right place to compare ICS with 
> any
> other component. Please use the general mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] or
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (you see: same server) to discuss this cross 
> product
> comparison.

I understand perfectly... sorry for that.


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