Cédric Joubert wrote:
> I just need to passing threw my company (where i
> work) 
> proxy/firewall

It depends, a proxy is a Firewall, however a Firewall must not be
a proxy. TWSocket has a built-in support for socks proxies, but if
you need to traverse a HTTP-proxy like M$ proxy server you need to
implement that part on your own, if you do not use the HTTP client.
That was not to difficult since the THttpCli component demonstrates
how to do that correctly. 

> that has been set to accept "only" http request over the port 80.
> i thought naively that i would just need to write the byte "HTTP1/1"
> in 
> front of stream... maybe...

Port 80 is just a port number and in the first place the port number
has nothing to do with the protocol a server listening on that port 
uses. The correct commands necessary to traverse a HTTP proxy can be
found in the source code of THttpCli.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>> This mailing list is defenitely not the right place to compare ICS
>> with any
>> other component. Please use the general mailing list
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] (you see: same server)
>> to discuss this cross product
>> comparison.
> I understand perfectly... sorry for that.
> Cédric
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