> It depends, a proxy is a Firewall, however a Firewall must not be
> a proxy. TWSocket has a built-in support for socks proxies, but if
> you need to traverse a HTTP-proxy like M$ proxy server you need to
> implement that part on your own, if you do not use the HTTP client.
> That was not to difficult since the THttpCli component demonstrates
>  how to do that correctly.

but little difficult for me I think... :-)

> Port 80 is just a port number and in the first place the port number
> has nothing to do with the protocol a server listening on that port
> uses.

Yes but for me it is the one, that i have to use :
I've tested a simple Delphi HttpServer launched at home, and then from my 
company place, the only port accepted was 80... (in testing http://myip:80 
from a browser Web)... all the others values was rejected....

> The correct commands necessary to traverse a HTTP proxy can be
> found in the source code of THttpCli.

Ok, i have to look at it... thanks...


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