Sorry folks... Help? About 2 years ago I set ICS up on a Win98 system 
with Delphi 2... I am not a complete idiot, I CAN do it... or at 
least I could. Ideas on where I'm going wrong in the following would 
be very welcome. I tried to repeat my previous triumph.... but.. so 
far.. no joy.

I like to keep things simple. I like to keep my core Delphi system as 
untouched as possible. So...

12 Aug 07, I downloaded (ICS-V5 Distribution) from Overbyte.

I unzipped it to a folder of it's own. (Yes, I kept the ics paths 

I backed up Delphi's cmplib32.dcl

I set up a sub-folder ("ICS") within Delphi's delphi 2.0\lib\ so that 
my ICS stuff wouldn't be all mixed up with other components.

I copied, WSocket.pas and ICSlogger.pas to that folder...

and then I tried (within a freshly started Delphi 2, no app-in-
development open. Win98SE environment.)....

Component | Install | Add...

(I did what was necessary to get Delphi to "look" at the WSocket.pas 

On the first attempt, the compiler objected to a line in ICSLogger. 
The line was...

        FLogFile.Size := 0;"

... and the objection was...
"Cannot assign to a read-only property"

Thoughts? I'm so frustrated! I know I have ICS working nicely on a 
different computer, same Delphi (ver 2), same OS (Win98SE). Possible 
a different ICS... I think it was abou 2005 I set it up on the other 

Help?? Please??

Further clue?

In desperation, I remmed out the offending line, and tried to install 
the component again. (Yes, I realize it would have been an unreliable 

This time the compiler fell over in WSocket.pas at....

    Status := WSocket_WSAIoctl(FHSocket,      SIO_KEEPALIVE_VALS,
                               @KeepAliveIn,  SizeOf(KeepAliveIn),
                               @KeepAliveOut, SizeOf(KeepAliveOut),
                               BytesReturned, nil, nil);

.... the error message was...
"Types of actual and formal var parameters must be identical"

Help will be much appreciated!

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