Hello Olivier,

> The NotifyDataAvailable sets a flag in an object associated to the
> client socket that will then read the available bytes. But it will not
> do so immediately

That's the problem. You have to read "all" available data "In" the
OnDataAvailable event. If you do not then OnDataAvailable will fire
again in a loop where you must receive the rest of the data, or if you
set wsoNoReceiveLoop in ComponentOptions property then it is fired using
a custom message handler.

So the Sleep is not needed. Also it is a bad idea because if there is
high speed data received and more than will be received in the event it
will delay the reception of data during a time slice (10..20 millisec
depending on the OS) and will grow winsock internal receive buffer,
because during the Sleep the message pump is not working.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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