Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
> Hello Olivier,
>> That's what I thought, but then again, this means I need to have a
>> buffer of my own, and I have no idea which size it should be. 1k, 10k, more?
> Yes. TWSocket is designed to buffer incoming data for you if you use
> LineMode. That is when you have your data terminated with a certain
> character (or a string of characters). If you dont use LineMode then yes
> you have to buffer on your own.
I can't use LineMode, what is transferred is purely binary.

>> I know that, but with 100%CPU usage, the handling of messages is stopped
>> anyway as well as no other thread will be able to take control. Well, 
>> maybe on a multi core, but not on single core machines.
> Agree, but there is also a componentOptions property wsoNoReceiveLoop
> which will fire OnDataAvailable again using a custom message handler. In
> that case message pump stay working.
I rewrote my code to have its own internal buffer AND use 
wsoNoReceiveLoop because it ensures my message pump is called, but with 
this property set, I might not actually have to use my own internal 
buffer and rely on the one from the API itself.
I tried it, it works fine, but is it be a "nice" thing to do? Are there 
any risks associated with this behavior?

Thanks for the answers.

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> Wednesday, September 26, 2007, 15:38, Olivier Sannier wrote:

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