DZ-Jay wrote:
> Hello:
> We have a few applications using ICS v5, mostly written in D2006/7,
> but some in D5. 

D5 won't work, ICS V6 is specified for D7 and better.

> I would like to move to ICS v6, since that seems to
> be where major development is taking place, and also because I would
> like to take advantage of its new hidden window architecture.
> However, I'm concerned about how this is going to impact our
> applications (they are not very many right now).  In particular, we
> are using TWSocket, TWSocketServer, SmtpCli, and FtpCli components.
> Are there any specific issues that I should be aware of before
> attempting the switch?  I understand that the interface did not
> change, but will the new internal model affect anything in the rest
> of the application environment? 

Basically you just have to change the library path from V5 to the 
V6 directory and rename the ICS units in your uses clauses, just prepend 
If you have overridden any of the V5 WndProc-functions a little bit
more work is necessary. Message-IDs posted to the hidden window(s)
are no longer simple contants but variables that must be registered.
When you register a new message-id for use with the component's window
three methods MUST be overridden, see sample below:

function TFoo.MsgHandlersCount : Integer;
    Result := 1 + inherited MsgHandlersCount;

procedure TFoo.AllocateMsgHandlers;
    inherited AllocateMsgHandlers;
    FMsg_WM_FOO := FWndHandler.AllocateMsgHandler(Self);

procedure TFoo.FreeMsgHandlers;
    if Assigned(FWndHandler) then
    inherited FreeMsgHandlers;

> Is there a possibility of having both
> versions concurrently installed?

To avoid confusion I've always only one version installed and active
in the IDE at the same time.   
When you toggle the packages also don't forget to change the library
path entry to point to the correct directory.

> I would also like to hear from users of ICS v6 and whether they find
> it stable in their production software.

I think it can be considered as stable as V5, brand new features however
may still be beta of course.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> Thanks,
> dZ.
> --
> [localhost] # chown -R us /usr/home/*/base
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