> Are there any specific issues that I should be aware of before 
> attempting the switch? 

I've been using ICS V6 in all my commercial applications now for almost a
year, and it is absolutely solid.  Migration from V5 to V6 is essentially
just changed the Uses names, but one or two more names may need to be
added, like OverbyteIcsWndControl.  

I have no idea why V6 is still called a beta, this is why many people
refuse to use it.  

However I am very concerned about the way V6 development is progressing.
V6 is supposed to only be only supported on Delphi 7 and later, yet
Francois has refused to allow vast amounts of conditional code for
earlier compilers to be removed, making maintenance painful due to
hundreds of $IFDEF statements. 

I've also stopped updating to new V6 releases since yet more conditional
code is being added for .net/clr, potentially adding further bugs into
what was stable code, with almost none of the changes actually documented
or unit dates or versions even updated.  I've seen little indication in
this list that this newer code is being properly tested, it's not even
been announced here, so can not risk it in commercial applications. 

> Is there a possibility of having both versions concurrently installed?

Not recommended for the same compiler.  It's better to remove ICS V5 from
the path so you can be sure the compiler reports errors for your
application trying to access V5 units, instead of just linking them. 

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