Hello Hoby,

I use the "good old" Delphi 2007 on Vista ...fine...

HS> Great document!  Thanks!  Great timing for me, too.  I have been working the
HS> last several days on trying to come up to speed on some Vista development
HS> issues and that was a great help.

HS> BTW, since you brought it up... ;) Can I ask a related question?  If it is
HS> OT, then perhaps you can direct me to a better place to ask it?

HS> I have just got a new Vista Laptop (since you can't get anything else now)
HS> and am having the worst time trying to run BDS 2006 on it.  I have tried all
HS> the approaches I have found on line, but it is just really unstable and
HS> often locks up Vista when I close BDS!!! It really surprises me that BDS can
HS> lock up Vista?!?!?

HS> Am I correct in assuming that my ONLY solution is to move to Delphi 2007 or
HS> RAD studio 2007?  If anyone knows sometime more than me about trying to run
HS> 2006 STABLY on Vista, I would love to know it.  All the web references help
HS> a bit, but not much.  Since I just discovered that CodeGear's stance is that
HS> 2006 is not certified for Vista, I assume that means my ONLY choice is to
HS> move to a CodeGear 2007 product of some type.

HS> Oh well, ANOTHER product I have to buy THANKS to Microsoft.  :(  Ya know,
HS> this development habit is really getting expensive... ;)

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HS> Altough out of topic, I found this document very interesting:
HS> http://bdntv.borland.com/pix/fhaglund/VistaUACandDelphi/VistaUACandDelphi.pp
HS> t

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