You are probably correct, at least to some degree.  However, I have found
that there are a number of Vista bugs that are exacerbated by different
applications, though the apps aren't actually the root of them.  

Specifically, there appears to a number of bugs in the Vista core dlls that
are used by 3rd party apps, such as virus software, where the flaw is not
the fault of the 3rd party app, but it doesn't occur until you have the 3rd
party app.  Very frustrating.  For example, I have the CA Security Suite and
had to download a Microsoft Vista hot fix due to a flaw in Vista that caused
a number of apps (such as IE) to perform very poorly or come to a stop, due
to the CA firewall encountering some packet filter bug.  Oddly, my wife's
laptop that has Vista Home and Student had no problem with it, while my
laptop with Vista Business did.  Ugghhh!!  Also, there are known issues with
one of the CodeGear studios if you have a logitech web cam driver installed.
Go figure?!?!?

Don't get me wrong, I have really liked Vista (to my surprise).  And the UAC
popups don't bother me at all, as they are just like some Linux desktops for
acquiring root privileges for various admin funcs, and Linux seems to be
more secure as a result (and other things of course). I guess end users
might be annoyed by them, but they are probably exactly what I want for
constraining admin functions.

Evidently, one of the goals of Vista was to next gen some older
technologies, such as the TCP/IP stack.  I have come across some complaints
that the new auto-adjusting TCP/IP window functionality has had issues with
some routers and some software.  That is obviously to be expected when
releasing next generation features.

Anyway, the point is that, as I understand it, Vista contains a large number
of OS enhancements that can be severely affected by unsupported software,
particularly in the debugger arena.  While I get that the OS shouldn't allow
the lock up to occur, Vista may not be sufficiently aware of these scenarios
yet.  It appears that Service Pack 1 that will be out next year should fix a
large number of them, such as VERY POOR PERFORMANCE when copying files over
a network from or to non-Vista machines.  It appears from what I have seen
that a large number of admins have moved back to XP often, due to these
types of issues.

Ooops... Sorry for the long OT post... 

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On Nov 13, 2007 3:23 PM, Hoby Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Actually, installing is no problem.  However, running is a problem.  It
> installs with no problem.  It runs really unstable, crashes constantly and
> sometimes even locks Vista up.  Yikes!

If it locks up Vista, the problem is not in the program but in the OS
in my opinion.

No application should be capable of locking a properly implemented OS.

But, my opinion is probably based on experience with OS other than
Microsoft's one.
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