one of my application uses UDP to communicate with some hardware.
UDP is necessary in this case. It is possible to have several
of those devices connected to the same PC, so each has its own address.

All of this hardware communication has been put into a DLL for
the sake of reuse and encapsulation as it also contains other 
communication methods. (it abstracts them)

Now my problem is: I wrote this when I hadn't yet completely understood 
how thing work and it's now like this: for each such UDP device one 
sending socket is used, but only one receiving socket for all those 
connections is used and those devices are set up so that they send their 
answers to that fix IP/port of this receiving socket. Our IT dept. now 
told me that using fixed IPs is a no no (I agree ;-)) so I have to 
change it sooner than later.

Question: can I simply change my code so that the sending UDP socket 
also does the receiving for his connection? (I must check first whether 
this device supports sending the answers back to that UDP socket 
(IP/port) where it got his request from.


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