>> Question: can I simply change my code so that the sending UDP socket
>> also does the receiving for his connection?
> No problem. Make you socket listening and call SendTo to send any data to 
> the given IP/Port. At first glance, a single socket is needed for everything 
> provided each device send to the same listening UDP port.
>> Our IT dept. now told me that using fixed IPs is a no no (I agree ;-))
> I don't see any relation between using fixed IPs and your problem. Could you 
> elaborate ?


my problem is, that like it is designed now my application needs a fixed 
IP address since I only use one single socket which does all the 
receiving and which is set up to some fixed IP/port for this. Those 
devices are set up as well in a way that all data they want to send me 
goes to this fixed IP/port. As you can surely imagine this fixed IP 
sheme is not really being liked in some IT organisation with several 100 
PCs or so...

So my idea was (and I just wanted to make sure I can't get stuck when 
trying it because time is pressing) to change it in a way that each of 
my sending sockets does the listening as well and the devices are 
configured to send the data they want to send me simply to the same 
IP/port where they get data from me (I've yet to check if this is possible).


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