I fear you all haven't yet completely understood my problem, so
here I go again:

- my application uses UDP and must use it
- there is one PC
- there are up to several (can also be only be one device but
   that doesn't matter) hardware devices where I've no control over
   the firmware except what it's configuration settings allow me
- as it is now, the PC has a fixed IP address and sends requests
   to those devices. The devices will process these requests and
   send the answer back to that fixesd IP and a fixed port. This
   is set in their configuration and each uses the same port/IP
- on the PC side there is one single socket for the receiving
   part which is set on that fixed IP of the PC and this port
   the devices are sending their answers to
- for each device the PC has one UDP socket for the sending side.

I want to change this as follows with the least possible impact:

- I'd like to get rid of my fixed IP address.
- For this I need to check first if whether the configuration of my
   hardware devices can be changed so they answer back to the IP the
   request came from and the right port number

Would it be possible on the PC side to simply have each UDP socket 
"listen" and a OnDataAvailable event handler on each of those
sockets? Would that be sufficient on the PC side?


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