> I guess that won't make a difference, since if a port were
> still in use an exception in Listen/Bind should be raised
> and CommandPASV() should return the error. 

There is a table in the server which keeps track of which passive ports
are in use, although it won't help if another application is using the

> Isn't it possible that winsock refuses the connection attempt due 
> to a full ListenBacklogQueue

Unlikely, these are Windows 2000 servers running IIS/5 FTP for five years
or so (and FileZilla) without any problems, I've only just changed one to
use ICS FTP server now it has mode z.   

Looking at more logs, I see: 

'501 Cannot RETR. Error - Connection reset by peer (#10054)' and 
'501 Cannot RETR. Error - Connection aborted (#10053)' errors 

are coming back as well for passive downloads.  But they usually work on
the next attempt. 


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