> Can you reproduce those errors in a simple environment that uses 
> plain TCP/IP connections? Later today I will try as well.

No, I can not reproduce any passive problems locally with a server on my
development PC, or my local Windows 2000 server, or by accessing the
offending FTP server over the VPN, 100 files uploaded without error. 

So I've made the passive port change in the FTP server, and installed it
on the offending server, need to wait for the logs tomorrow to see if the
remote clients are happier. 

I suspect the real cause of the problem is one of the Sonicwalls, FTP is
always trouble with firewalls (even without NAT issues), yet these
passive errors occur much less frequently with IIS/5 than with ICS, I saw
two FTP errors with IIS/5 yesterday, and maybe 2,000 with ICS (many of
those were the consequence of the FTP responses getting out of step). 

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