Has any one made a UDP Hole puncher with ICS ?

Let A and B be the two hosts, each in its own private network; N1 and N2 are
the two NAT devices; S is a public server with a well-known globally
reachable IP address.

   1. A and B each begin a UDP conversation with S; the NAT devices N1
   and N2 create UDP translation states and assign temporary external port
   2. S relays these port numbers back to A and B
   3. A and B contact each others' NAT devices directly on the translated
   ports; the NAT devices use the previously created translation states and
   send the packets to A and B

If I were to implement the above, is it really that simple?

or is there much more to it than that ?

Any help appreciated, or alternatives, maybe a plugin / generic solution
that can be incorporated.

Our current setup is "Server on PC behind nat" and then client on Cell

We will have a lot of users not knowing how to do port forwarding.

Thank you.
Wayne Forrest.
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