Fastream Technologies wrote:
> When I trace the code, it seems that your web server side NTLM code
> is not called at all.

So, that is your implementation! If you do not call my code it
can hardly be the reason for the problem.
> It just tunnels the www-authenticate headers
> to/from the web server. 

It's your application that is tunneling.

> Can you suggest me some URLs so that I can
> read and understand what the eath is wrong with NTLM handshake?

> You
> told me all is well in one of your first mails. However, there must
> be something wrong. For example, is the domain info embedded in the
> hashed ntlm handshake? 

If you ever want to know exactly what is included in the NTLM messages
you need to write a parser, basic info from NTLM message type 2 can be 
viewed with a function from Francois' unit OverbyteIcsNtlmMsgs.pas,
it also includes the structures and shows how to parse NTLM messages.

Arno Garrels

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