Hi Andy,

Because UPDATE do not return a result set there is no any fetching events.

Two tips:

1. Kill TADOQuery - it for compatibility with BDE
Instead use TAdoDataset for SELECT only and TAdoConnection / TAdoCommand for 
other queries
Realy you don't need in TAdoCommand, simply use function or procedure Execute 
of TAdoConnection and set OnExecuteComplete for your Complete method.
If you decide use a TAdoCommand then call same method and anyway you must 
assign OnExecuteComplete of TAdoConnection 
Example see in Angus Robertson post.

About thread - you need if you want some Queries simultaneously or you must use 
some TAdoConnection object - one for each query.

Best regards,
Anatoly Podgoretsky

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> Hi,
> I have posted to newsgroups.borland.com, but so far no joy. I am using some 
> ICS 
> components in my project though;)
> The problem I have is getting the ADO stuff to work asynchronously.
> I am using a TADOQuery and have set ExecuteOptions to [eoAsyncExecute, 
> eoAsyncFetch], and have set ADOQuery.OnFetchComplete := MyHandler.
> I have two ADOQueries, one doing a 'SELECT *', and another doing an 'UPDATE'. 
> The select query fires it's OnFetchComplete, no problem. The update query 
> does 
> not seem to fire anything.
> All of this happens in a thread, and the ADOConnection, ADOQuery are created 
> in 
> the .Execute of the thread before my while (not Terminted) loop. All works as 
> expected if I use sync calls, but I want to let other threads in whilst 
> waiting 
> for the results.
> So, working on the assumption I have missed something, does anyone know of 
> any 
> articles on using ADOQuery asynchronously? Google is not proving to be of 
> help 
> so far.
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