Hi all,

Thanks for the tips. I'm sure that this nudge in the right direction will sort 
me out.


Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> Instead use TAdoDataset for SELECT only and TAdoConnection / 
>> TAdoCommand for other queries
> TAdoConnection works fine for SELECT as well, synchronously the EXECUTE
> method returns a _Recordset, as does the ExecuteComplete event for async
> use.  
> Higher level ADO and DB components do integrate with VCL, but I've always
> found it easier to build my own EXECUTE statements and parse the
> resultset (ie Recordset.Fields[0].Value) to fill VCL properties. 
> There's nothing worse than a bad date causing an AV filling a date picker.
> I had a bad day on 29th February this year. 
> Angus

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