we are using ICS components for a Web server, developed as a windows service, 
since a long time now and everything work fine.
But we just install it in a hospital and found problems concerns answers from 
the web server.

Client side    : sending a request through a form, then the browser displays 
"Pending" + server name.
Server side  :  parse values of the requests (ListIn) and sending the response 
Client side    : Always the message "Pending" + server name.
Server side   : The process have a normal activity but the web server seems to 
loop on sending, a stop / start on the service puts things in place. 

What I describe here is not constant (too easy!) , the user can work for some 
time and then it falls into this "loop". 
What we see is that often happens in the morning and in the early afternoon, 
testing in the late afternoon show that the service and the web server is 
working properly (?), it could coincide with the number of users on the 
Knowing that this is a network hospital, there are a lot of intermediate 
(proxy, switch, hub, firewall), maybe their configuration block my answers.... 

I would like to know if it evokes something to someone, just to have a clue or 
a way to look for.

For the ICS component I 'd also like know how to "get out of the blocking loop 
Is there a way to detect that sending failed or unsuccessful ? 
Client side, I understand that it could be, as he interrogates the server, but 
server side ? 

 I hope to have been sufficiently clear on the description of the problem, I'll 
try to have more information on the architecture of network .....

Guillaume ROQUES
CANYON Technologies
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