> I don't know how you send the reply (since there are several ways to do it), 
> but if you don't set ContentLength correctly, then the client may wait 
> forever for data that will never comes. As you said it usually works, 
> probable the length is set correctly. You have to verify if it is always the 
> case.
Thanks for the answer, my replies are always sent in a POST form method.
But the thing is that my web server have received the values of the posted form 
(OnPostDocument and OnPostedData events are OK), and it has fullfilled the 
database and the listout; nevertheless the sending loop or something...
> To have a better idea about what happend, you may think about installing a 
> sniffer (there are free ones) to capture the traffic and then later check 
> that everything is OK at the network cable.
OK, I gonna ask the IT manager of the hospital if it's OK to install one. By 
the way is WireShark(http://www.wireshark.org/) is a good choice ?

> Once the issue appears, is it there for all clients or only a few ones ?
No it happen for all clients, anyway they are all IE 6 or 7 client (if it's 
what you're talking about....)

Guillaume ROQUES
CANYON Technologies
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