> Could you try this:
> Run the command interpreter (command line).
> Enter "telnet targethost 80"
> Then once telnet has connected, enter exactly "GET / HTTP/1.0" (without
> quotes), then CTRL+M and CTRL+J (that is CR/LF pair).

I did this and it worked OK on all PCs.

> You should get the answer from the webserver. If this doesn't work, then ICS
> HTTP client component wont work either. If it works, then something is wrong
> in your program. Check with HttpTst ICS demo.

I have already been using the httptst demo program in my investigations 
- it gives the same error as my program (- my progam code is basically a 
little-modified version of the demo anyway.)

Thanks for the suggestions so far - I am now going to go thru the list 
of ideas posted by Dave Baxter, some of which look promising.


Joseph Benson
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