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> Obviously name resolution does not work, are you able to browse
> the web with your favorite browser?

Yes. Internet browsing and file sharing work as expected on all PCs. My
program using HttpCli also works as well (- with no modifications or
changes in settings), if run on "PC1", but not on any of the others.

> Wasn't the error message "can''t resolve hostname to IP address"?
> Try to set both connection properties DNS server and default gateway
> in Windows to the IP of the router.

In PC2 the gateway is set as the router IP (, DNS servers 
are set to those of my ISP (I think), and in any case, ordinary web 
browsing works OK. These settings were made during the LAN setup 
procedure - which was a series of wizards on the Linksys installer - and 
have not been changed since. No fancy custom settings were made during 
the LAN setup, defaults were mostly used.

I have been trying many combinations over several hours with the ICS
httptst program, lately I have also been running the TCPIPMonitor
application (nice little program!) as well to gain some insight, alas to
my admittedly untrained eye, everything looks like it should, and
everything else works OK. Baffling. (I would have thought the prog,
after installation of the LAN, would either work everywhere or nowhere,
but not selectively.)

Taking a broader view would you think the solution is :

1. some change in the HttpCli properties, e.g. Proxy/ProxyPort/ ... etc?
Perhaps which requires the information to be taken from somewhere in the
registry. If so, what would these likely be, and where in the registry??

2. a change in the routers settings; I have not made any changes here as
in total there are about 120 different switches to choose from, and I
wouldn't know where to begin. Random search isn't likely to succeed.

3. a change in window settings, somewhere.

Obviously I am hoping for option 1, rather than 2 or 3, which run the
risk of breaking something else. Eventually I hope to make my program a
commercial application and putting "might not work on a LAN for an
unknown reason" in the readme/install notes doesn't seem like the best 


Joseph Benson
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